A Premier Post House

Fine tuning content for over 25 Years.

Video & Audio Post Production

About Independent Studios

Founded in 1991, Independent Studios delivers crafted audio and visual post-production to filmmakers, advertising agencies, corporations and digital media producers. If you are in the area and haven’t heard of us, it’s because we are terrible self-promoters.

Our New Home

After twenty-nine years at our original location, Independent moved into a brand new, purpose-built facility in the No Studios building on McKinley Street in the Brewery District of Milwaukee, an area quickly becoming the coolest district in town. It’s not all bars and T-shirt shops. It is a little hidden pocket where many creative businesses are pulling their wagons into a circle. Come take a look.

Award Winning

Being the shy and humble folks we are, we take great pride in being a part of our client’s award-winning projects. Our name has been in the credits of Mercury Award, Independent Spirit Award and Cinema Award winners for decades. We were brought up not to brag, so you won’t see awards and trophies around our studio. We’ve hidden them in a secret room where we hold ritualistic staff meetings during equinoxes.