Video & Audio Post Production

Sound Design

The edit is fabulous. The film looks fantastic. Dialog sounds great. The music tugs at the heartstrings. So why doesn’t it feel real? The audio department at Independent would like to propose that your project needs Sound Design.

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VO Recording

Put a voice in a really quiet room with a microphone. Have that voice read aloud the words you’ve written. Record it. That’s all there is to VO recording ….isn’t it?

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Original Music Composition & Post Scoring

Original music will give your project a distinctive, authentic flavor and bring its full spirit to life.

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Podcasts & Audiobooks

Independent makes Podcasts and Audiobooks

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Audio Mixing

Picture is done. Looks great. Dialog, music and SFX are in place. Now … the mix.

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Sound Effects & Foley

Dog barks. Cars passing. Jets taking off. A toaster. Can’t find the perfect Sound Effect? No problem, we’ll make it.

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Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR)

Your shoot was fantastic. The actors hit it out of the park. You came in under budget and ahead of schedule. The edit should be a breeze…and then you heard it…

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Remote Digital Patching

We can record your talent almost anywhere, in realtime via VISDN or Source Connect. What are those? Find out here!

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LKFS Remixing

LKFS Remixing: Loudness, K-weighted, relative to full scale (LKFS) is a loudness standard designed to enable normalization of audio levels for delivery of broadcast TV and other delivery services.

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Library Music Searching & Licensing

Let’s face it, sometimes a piece of stock library music just fits the bill.

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Noise Reduction & Audio Restoration

Noise Reduction and Audio restoration is a catchall term for the process of removing imperfections such as hiss, impulse noise, crackle, background noise, and hum from sound recordings.

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